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About us

We focus on bringing together a community of Alpine Princesses - women that spend most of their time outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing, climbing or just enjoying the great outdoors but want to look good while doing so. Performance doesn't have to sacrifice style! 

Hi! I'm Sandra and I'm the founder of Alpine Princess. Whenever I'm not creating new designs, looking for new materials or replying to your emails, I'm out exploring the great outdoors. The mountains are my second home; whether it’s hiking, mountain or downhill biking, climbing, skiing, running or simply camping and enjoying the view, this is where I feel truly alive. As much as I love adventuring, I also love wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes on my adventures.

I founded Alpine Princess with the belief that outdoor performance clothing should never compromise style. Alpine Princess is therefore the constant pursuit of performance, comfort and style. Each pair of Alpine Princess leggings has been designed with this in mind - the high-performace fabric compresses in all the right places and, combined with the stylish designs, ensures that us outdoor lovers look great whether on a mountaintop, in the gym or relaxing after a day outdoors! 

Give your adventures some style with Alpine Princess!